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Barrington Cultural Arts Center Internet Class for Artists and Photographers

Building an Online Presence: The Internet for Artists and Photographers Class
Building an Online Presence: The Internet for Artists and Photographers Class

On September 21, the Barrington Cultural Arts Center will be hosting my seminar on Building an Online Presence: The Internet for Artists and Photographers. My presentation covers a broad array of issues facing the artist and/or photographer who is looking to either create their initial presence on the Internet or to improve their existing presence. Topics I cover include:

  • planning your online strategy
  • identifying a web site solution
  • blogging for your art
  • using social media to promote yourself
  • using SEO to improve your search engine ranking
  • strategies and alternatives for online selling
  • options for email marketing
  • advertising online
  • understanding web analytics

The formal length of the class is one hour. However past offerings of this class have run as long as 2 hours as I encourage the audience to both ask questions and participate in discussions during the course of my talk. While the class is supposed to last one hour, it will run as long as it takes to insure that attendees have their questions answered – or until they kick us out of the theater.

If you have general questions about course content, please feel free to post your question in the form of a comment below. If you have questions about registration, location, or the Barrington Cultural Arts Center, please contact the Barrington Cultural Arts Center.

Class Registration for Building an Online Presence: The Internet for Artists and Photographers

Registration for this class is required. It is also worth noting that seating is limited. The class fee is $15 for Barrington Cultural Arts Center members and $20 for non-members. The class will be held on Saturday September 21 and will begin at 2:00pm. The class will be held at:

The Garlands Of Barrington – Theater At The Garlands
1000 Garlands Lane, Barrington, IL 60010

contact Doris Kucik by phone (847-561-6211) or email

Please enable JavaScript to obtain my email address.

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About Barrington Cultural Arts Center

The Barrington Cultural Arts Center provides a physical space for artists to perform and teach their craft at their Ice House Mall Gallery and Art Center, located at 200 Applebe Street in Barrington, IL. The BCAC hopes to collaborate on public art offerings (i.e. murals, painted benches, plays). Gallery opportunities are available to members.

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