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The Art Exhibit, Art Gallery, Art Talk, and Algorithmic Art Tutorial

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Artist Mark Rothko and selected art works
Artist Mark Rothko and selected art works

It has been a busy week for me on the art front. The week began with my installation of nine of my art works at the Buehler YMCA in Palatine IL. Buehler YMCA is the second largest YMCA in Illinois with some 17,000 members. My art will be on display there through the end of the year. Art Exhibit at Buehler YMCA.

I delivered three of my space art works to the Paper Crown Gallery in Arlington Heights, IL. This soon to open gallery has a large exhibit space with a business plan that is not typical of other art galleries. Given the timing of the gallery’s opening – in the face of the threat of a double-dip recession – their novel business plan may be a recipe for success.

I attended the lecture Seeing Red: The Art and Life of Mark Rothko presented by art historian Jeff Mishur. The lecture title fragment "Red" is from the title of the Tony Award-winning play Red currently showing at the Goodman Theater. With respect to the lecture, while it provided biographical background on Rothko, the emphasis was on the development of Rothko’s signature painting style. So yes I spent the evening looking at lots of paintings of colored rectangles (see the image illustrating this post above). Frankly Rothko’s style has never appealed to my sense of aesthetics. The play Red at the Goodman Theater.

I also added a tutorial on using recursion to create algorithmic art to my web site. I used the Processing platform for the tutorial and provide the source code. This tutorial is an expanded version of a tutorial I wrote earlier this year which was published in CMD Journal. Tutorial: Recursion and Algorithmic Art Using Processing

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Astronomical Art, Algorithmic Art, and Science Fiction

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Sands of Mars
Sands of Mars

The Capricon Science Fiction Convention opens today and runs through Sunday. I have a fairly busy schedule at the con this year. First I will be participating in the convention’s art show. I will have seven works of art in the show:

In addition to the art show, I will also be providing two presentations for the convention: Algorithmic Art: Where Art Meets Math and The Art of Astronomy.

Algorithmic Art: Where Art Meets Math gives a history of algorithmic art, discusses some of the concepts and takes a look at some of the software tools available today to those interested in algorithmic art.

The Art of Astronomy is a straight forward history of astronomical art which also includes a discussion of how I have created some of my astronomical art as well as providing an overview of how anyone can use freely available graphics software to work with the raw image data available online from the various NASA robotic missions.

In addition to my two presentations, I will also be participating on the following panels.

Panel: Do You Still Believe in the Future?
Description: They say the “Golden Age of Science Fiction” is thirteen and when you’re thirteen all sorts of things are possible in the future. Now that you’ve grown up, chronologically, if nothing else, do you still view the possibilities of the future the way you did when you hit that golden age? Is it possible to retain that hope and optimism or are humans naturally cynical? With co-panelists Michael D’Ambrosio, Butch Honeck and Dermot Dobson as moderator.

Panel: Nuclear Fission or Fusion or ???: What Will Power our Future?
Description: Wind…Water…Coal…Steam…Oil. Over the centuries our fuel choices have changed as we’ve found more effective alternatives. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the most effective alternative, nuclear fission, carries a strong negative, and fusion isn’t ready for prime time. What advances will fuel sources see in the next 50 years? 100 years? Will we ever run out of fuel? With co-panelists Jim Landis, Pat Nuccio, Isabel Schechter, and myself as moderator.

Panel: ISDC: The International Space Development Conference
Description: The International Space Development Conferences is coming to Chicago on Memorial Day weekend this year. Come learn what this professional conference has to offer and learn how you can attend at a discount. With co-panelists Raymond Cyrus and Tom Veal and myself as moderator.

Panel: Manned visit to Mars: Round Table Discussion
Description: Is it worth sending a man to Mars as opposed to unmanned probes? With co-panelists Brother Guy Consolmagno and Bill Thomasson as moderator.

See you at the con.

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