Welcome to the Artsnova Digital Art Gallery

Welcome to the new 2024 Artsnova Digital Art Gallery. The Artsnova Digital Art Gallery is home to the digital art and photography of Jim Plaxco. The digital art on display here was created using a variety of techniques, computer graphics software, hardware, and both film and digital photography. A key element in much of the art is the use of customized generative and algorithmic programs designed and written by the artist. The range of art represents the artist's varied interests and his quest to explore the full range of visual possibilities offered by digital technology and custom designed (creative coding) graphics software.

Artsnova Website Update: January 23, 2024

The Artsnova website has been completely rethought and redesigned and deployed in a new hosting environment. While the redesign and deployment is complete, validation of all aspects of the new design with respect to content and links is not yet complete. If you come across an error, discover something that does not work, or just have a question, please take a moment to let me know via my contact form. Thank you for your patience while work proceeds on completing the website's migration.

New Art

Earth As Art Gallery
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Abstract Art Gallery
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