Art, Presentations, and Web Business Services

Jim Plaxco speaking to a group of high school students
Speaking to a group of high school students.

Presentations and Classes for Organizations and Groups

I provide a variety of presentations and classes on a range of subjects ranging from the history of space art to creative coding to search engine optimization for artists and photographers.For more information, visit the Art Lectures, Presentations, and Classes page.

Art Commissions

I accept both business and personal art commissions for a variety of art types and styles. Details about my services in this area are on the Art Commissions page.

Licensing Art

Generally, artwork that I have created is available for private use and commercial licensing. Information about licensing my art for private or commercial use is available on the Licensing Art page.

Web Consulting Services

I am available as a consultant for a variety of web-related issues. Consulting services include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Wordpress, web site hosting, web site design, web site migration, information architectures, and related technical issues. For additional information see Web Consulting Services