Flatland Multiverse
Flatland Multiverse, 32 by 16 inches unframed

Flatland Multiverse

Flatland Multiverse is a mash up of the concepts of Flatland and the Multiverse. If you've read the book Flatland by Edwin Abbott then you are aware of the premise of a universe limited to two dimensions: length and width. In Flatland Abbott writes of this world of only two dimensions as a means of introducing the concepts of relativity and spatial dimensionality.

If you follow cosmology, you should be aware of the concept of the multiverse - an aspect of string theory that opens up the mathematical possibility of the simultaneous existence of an infinity of universes - which would in effect reduce the significance of our own universe from being all there is to being just another grain of sand on a beach of universes.

In Flatland Multiverse, I've combined the idea of a two dimensional universe with that of a multiplicity of universes. Flatland Multiverse is a visualization of such a multiverse as viewed by a being on a higher plain of existence.

A watermarked wallpaper of this print can be seen in the Flatland Multiverse wallpaper.

Title:Flatland Multiverse
Image Size:32 inches wide by 16 inches high
Media/Papers:Fine Art Paper, Canvas, Metal

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