Submarine U505 in Repose
Submarine U505 in Repose, 9 by 14 inches unframed

Submarine U505 in Repose

Submarine U505 in Repose represents a childhood memory. As a child, boarding the Submarine U505 was the high point of a visit to Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry. I am fortunate to have in my possession a number of photographs that my father took of the U505 as it was being transferred from Lake Michigan, across Lake Shore Drive, to it's final resting place adjacent to the museum. There it remained for almost 50 years under attack from Chicago weather. Fearful of losing the submarine to the elements, several years ago it was moved to a new home inside the museum.

The architectural elements and surroundings in this digital photograph of the U505 were heavily reworked to increase the visual symmetry and to remove distractions, creating a unique view of the submarine in its new home.

Title:Submarine U505 in Repose
Image Size:9 inches wide by 14 inches high
Media/Papers:Fine Art Paper, Canvas, Metal

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