Dream Scenes of Distant Space
Dream Scenes of Distant Space, 21 by 14 inches unframed

Dream Scenes of Distant Space

Dream Scenes of Distant Space is a work of science fiction space art depicting a multitude of scenes much like in a dream where the mind hops from one idea or place to another. This artwork is actually the result of merging together four separate artworks I had been working on and which were languishing because I wasn't truly happy with any of them. I originally created this final artwork back in 2022 and it has sat on my computer unpublished while I attended to other tasks. Because of the amount of time that has elapsed, I no longer have any recollection of why I decided to take the four older artworks and digitally merge them into a single artwork. I was quite supervised with how well this experiment worked out.

Title:Dream Scenes of Distant Space
Image Size:21 inches wide by 14 inches high
Media/Papers:Fine Art Paper, Canvas, Metal

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