Quantum Moon
Quantum Moon, 26 by 18 inches unframed

Quantum Moon

The manner in which I have chosen to represent the Moon in Quantum Moon occurred to me as a consequence of talking with one of my sons about quantum physics and the nature of light. That being that light is a form of electromagnetic radiation that can be thought of as a wave or as a particle. Thinking of light in terms of particles brought to mind the pointillism of Seurat.

The most famous example of pointillism has to be Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Seurat. I have had the good fortune to view this painting first hand at the Art Institute of Chicago.

While the image above is too small for the pointillism in Quantum Moon to be observed, you can view a full size version of the Mare Crisium section of Quantum Moon to see how it has been used to create this digital painting. Unlike typical paintings done in a pointillist style, I have chosen to go with an approach that uses denser, overlapping points of color.

Title:Quantum Moon
Image Size:26 inches wide by 18 inches high
Media/Papers:Fine Art Paper, Canvas, Metal

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