Elizabeth Taylor Portrait
Elizabeth Taylor Portrait, 43 by 46 inches unframed

Elizabeth Taylor Portrait

I began work on this portrait of Elizabeth Taylor shortly after completing work on my own Digital Self Portrait (not yet published on the web) for which I created this particular technique of digital painting. This morning I learned of Elizabeth Taylor's death and resolved to complete this portrait and publish it as a tribute to her life.

Due to the style of digital painting used to create this portrait, small scale versions of the portrait exhibit a moire pattern. The following small section of one of Elizabeth Taylor's eyes is reproduced at a scale that is approximately the same as that of the full size print when viewed at 100% scale. Note that screen image size varies depending upon screen resolution.

Elizabeth Taylor Portrait Eye

The detail above reveals the true nature of this digital portrait, that is an array of small circles of color that when viewed from a distance merge to form the portrait.

A watermarked wallpaper of a full screen resolution section of this print can be seen in the Elizabeth Taylor Portrait wallpaper full size excerpt.

Title:Elizabeth Taylor Portrait
Image Size:43 inches wide by 46 inches high
Media/Papers:Fine Art Paper, Canvas, Metal

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