Commissioning Art

Commissioned art is art created at the request of a private collector, publisher, business, or other organization. The art may be in the form of a giclee print, master digital file, or both. Typical uses of commissioned art includes home or office decoration, illustration for books or magazines, cover art for magazines and CDs, graphics for web sites, or product art.

The types of subject matter for which commissioned work is undertaken are:

  • Abstract Art
  • Astronomical Art
  • Algorithmic Art
  • Geometric Art
  • Landscape Art
  • Planetary Art
  • Portrait Art
  • Space Exploration Art

Abstract Art

While abstract art is non-representative in nature, abstractions of people, places or things is possible. In addition to its traditional use as framed art, abstract art can also be used for web sites, book covers, and products.

Magazine cover art for The Mars Quarterly

Astronomical Art

Astronomical art is that art which depicts deep space scenes. Such scenes would consist of views of nebulae, star fields, constellations, galaxies, and individual stars. These scenes can be based on either realistic or imagined settings.

Landscape Art

Landscape art is that art which depicts landscapes, quasi-real or purely imagined in any of a variety of styles.

Planetary Art

Planetary art consists of art which depicts orbital or surface views of planets and moons done in a variety of styles. The planets and moons can be either real or fictitious, solar or extra-solar. An example of planetary art is Martian Sand Ripples shown at right as used for the cover of The Mars Quarterly.

Portrait Art

The portrait art I create is of the non-photographic variety. I pride myself on creating portraits that are "out there". One methodology I employ is what I term algorithmic portraits. These are portraits that are created via an algorithmic painting program of my own creation. For these portraits, the client is responsible for providing a reference photograph of the subject for which they desire a portrait. For those clients who reside in the metropolitan Chicago area, I am available for taking the necessary photographs. I then work with the client to determine which of my alternative portrait styles best suits their needs/tastes.

Space Exploration Art

Space Exploration art is that art which depicts the human exploration of the solar system. An example of this type of work is Dustfall on mars which was created as a commisssioned work.

Date/Word/Phrase Based Algorithmic Art

Date/Word/Phrase Based Algorithmic Art are algorithmic pieces that are created using some type of client provided information, like a birth date for example, This information is used as a seed value for an algorithmic process. The details of the subject matter and style desired are unique to each commission.

Art Commissions Terms and Pricing

All commission artwork is created digitally. Printed products are produced using a giclee printer with archival inks and printed on paper or canvas. Printed pieces are hand signed and limited to an edition size specified by the client.

The terms for commissioned art depend on the nature of the art being requested, the image rights being requested, and any special conditions the client may require. A final agreement on terms and conditions is created based on consultation with the client.

Pricing is based on a number of factors. These include reproduction rights desired, the size of the art, the number of prints, the type of paper (fine art or canvas), delivery method, etc.

For additional details and more specific terms, please contact me by phone (847-923-7122) or

or use the Artsnova Contact Form to send your inquiry.