Fizzy Goodness
Fizzy Goodness, 28 by 17 inches unframed

Fizzy Goodness

Soda Pop. That was my original working title for this piece. This art is meant to be a visual representation of the taste of a warm soda pop - an attempt to capture that bubbly effervescence of the national liquid.

I owe the idea of using multi-colored bubbles to my son who, when he was younger, was in the habit of combining different colored sodas at the self-serve dispensers of fast food restaurants.

I had almost finished the artwork when the phrase fizzy goodness popped into my head - a result of thinking about how to describe the taste of the Dr. Pepper I drank earlier in the day.

Full size detail of the art can be seen in this lower right corner section of Fizzy Goodness.

Fizzy Goodness is my artistic tribute to the soda pops and colas of the world.

Title:Fizzy Goodness
Image Size:28 inches wide by 17 inches high
Media/Papers:Fine Art Paper, Canvas, Metal

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