Titan Landscape
Titan Landscape, 19 by 12 inches unframed

Titan Landscape

Titan Landscape is an imaginary view of the surface of Titan. Titan, a moon of Saturn and the largest moon in the solar system, has long intrigued scientists because of its dense atmosphere. As our knowledge of the nature of Titan's atmosphere has changed, so has the way in which artists depict the view of Saturn from Titan. Most famously, Chesley Bonestell depicted Titan as having a clear blue atmosphere from which planet Saturn and its rings were clearly visible, a view that in reality does not exist.

In addition to the heavily overcast sky, note the presence of multiple small lakes and pools of liquid ethane. The presence of these liquid pools in this digital painting are based on discoveries made by the Cassini mission to Saturn.

A better view of the details of the art can be seen in this wallpaper version of Titan Landscape.

Title:Titan Landscape
Image Size:19 inches wide by 12 inches high
Media/Papers:Fine Art Paper, Canvas, Metal

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