An Automatic Art Title Generator

A common challenge for artists is in coming up with an appropriate title for their latest work of art. For my part, sometimes I come up with a title before I ever start to create the artwork in question. More often a title will come to me as I am working on the artwork.

Other times I will complete a work of art and not have a title at hand. While I knew what it was I wanted to create, I did not know what I wanted to call it. At times like this, I will sometimes start surfing the web searching for ideas or inspiration.

Three days ago I completed a generative painting and still do not know what to title it. Frustrated I hit upon the idea of taking a Haiku generator I had previously written using Java and converting it into an artwork title generator.

While the odds are against my using one of these titles for a particular artwork, I'm hoping that the art titles that are generated will serve as a source of inspiration for me. Some examples of artwork titles that were generated during my development of the program are:

  • Still Life with Undefined Contrast
  • Art and Mind
  • Landscape with Incoherence
  • Shape in Song
  • The Silent Fountain
  • Head and Sentiment
  • Response with Dimensionality
  • Falling Spiral of Pain
  • Landscape with Feeling
  • A Dramatic Point
  • The Modern Alteration
  • Flowing Substance
  • The Electronic Venus
  • Trancendental Departure
  • The Meditation of Melancholy
  • A Matter of Death
  • Work and Soul
  • Juxtaposed Manifesto of Superficial Matter

So for some artistic inspiration in your search for a title for your latest artwork, just click the button Request Artwork Title.



“I write computer algorithms, i.e. rules that calculate and then generate a work that could not be realized in any other way. It is not necessarily the system or the logic I want to present in my work, but the visual invention that results from it. My artistic goal is reached when a finished work can visually dissociate itself from its logical content and convincingly stand as an independent abstract entity.”

Manfred Mohr in Art of the Digital Age