The Beauty of Algorithmic Art Book

The Beauty of Algorithmic Art Book
The Beauty of Algorithmic Art Book Project

The Beauty of Algorithmic Art is a book project that is composed of a portfolio of my algorithmic art. This was my first book project. I began work on the book in the spring of 2015. At the time I had decided to self-publish and so began the process of identifying a publisher. I wrote about my search for a self-plublishing vendor in Blurb vs Lulu to Publish an Art Book.

A number of events resulted in a reprioritization of my projects such that work on my algorithmic art book was placed on hold. This decision was made easier by the fact that at the time I wasn't satisfied with the results of my investigation into using either Blurb or Lulu as my print-on-demand publisher/distributor.

In October 2015 I restarted my search for a publisher. I decided to not do any more work on the book itself until I have identified a publisher since each has its own book layout requirements and/or software restrictions. I set myself the task of identifying a publisher by the end of November 2015. That obviously did not happen as other priorities took hold.

Beauty of Algorithmic Art Book Status

Original illustrations for Jim Plaxco's Beauty of Algorithmic Art Book
Illustration: Original selection of artwork for the book created in 2015.

Given the amount of time that has passed since I started work on this book and the variety of algorithmic art I have created over the intervening years, I have decided that this book should be restarted from scratch. Given my other projects, I am unsure of what my schedule will be for moving forward with this book. To keep informed on this and other projects you can subscribe to my newsletter.