Art Quotes and Artists & Art Materials USA 2009

Not A Flying Saucer
Not A Flying Saucer

Last night I added two new pages to my Artsnova web site. The first is A Small Collection of Art Quotes which consists of both some funny and serious quotes about art. I've been collecting quotes for some time and figured it was time to share some of my favorites.

The second addition – Reflections on Artists & Art Materials USA 2009 – is an overview of the Executive Summary of the Artists & Art Materials USA 2009 industry survey. As an artist, the most interesting aspect of the summary is the information about the categorization of artists and the amount of artwork created last year.

The Illustration

The illustration I used for this post is not a flying saucer. It's not even a flying sausage. In fact it only flies if flung. This is the result of some Photoshop manipulation of a … well I'll let you use your imagination.

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