Artist Reception and New Art

Modern Life
Modern Life

I'll be leaving in a couple of hours to attend an artists' reception at Advocate Good Shepard Hospital in Barrington. The reception is for myself and fellow artist Eric Hill. It is being sponsored by the Northwest Cultural Council. Eric and I are both artists in the Northwest Cultural Council's Corporate Art Gallery program and currently have art on display at the hospital.

So here is a chance for you to have some free wine and cheese, talk with Eric and myself about whatever strikes your fancy, look at some art, and have a good time. The reception begins at 5:30pm and runs until 7:30pm. For complete details on the reception, see Artist Reception at Advocate Good Shepard Hospital, Barrington

The Illustration

To illustrate this post I used a piece of art that I just added to my Technology Gallery. Titled Modern Life it is based on a digital photograph I took a year ago. For more about the piece and to view a wallpaper sized version of the same, see Modern Life.

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