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The Artsnova Web Site

At long last I am finally launching the Artsnova web site. The Artsnova blog dates back to October 2006 and I have been working on developing the Artsnova web site since that time. However, it seemed that other projects always took a higher priority and my work on the site was sporadic at best.

The purpose of the Artsnova web site is to display and market my digital art. At this point I have only 18 pieces on display in four galleries. The artwork is organized into galleries based on subject.

The Abstract Gallery is not really accurately defined since it contains not only purely abstract forms but also some rather interpretive representational art.

The Nature Gallery consists of art whose theme is the natural world. Landscapes, botanicals, and life – both photographic and digitally painted – all illustrating different aspects of our natural world are to be found here.

Since childhood, I have had a strong interest in astronomy and space exploration. The Space Gallery is home to my astronomical and space art. At present, only astronomical art is on display.

The Technology Gallery features art whose subject is the technological creations of man. Whereas luddites curse technology, I praise technology for the many benefits humanity derives from it.

In the future I expect to add a Portrait Gallery to the collection. I also hope to find the time to make regular additions to the existing galleries.

Ad Astra, Jim

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