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Are the Stars Out Tonight
Are the Stars Out Tonight?

I just got an e-mail in my JPL Solar System Ambassador Inbox about a new survey that is underway for amateur astronomers. Note that the survey must be done by Monday October 8. What is the survey about? To quote from the e-mail:

“Through funding from the National Science Foundation, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) and the Institute for Learning Innovation (ILI) are conducting a national study to better understand the amateur astronomy community and the activities and mechanisms that promote astronomy education to the public… By completing this survey, you are eligible to enter into a drawing for one of five $50 gift certificates to Sky and Telescope's online store.”

The survey is a part of a program titled “Sharing the Universe”. I just completed the survey myself. It is straight forward and there were no questions that anyone could consider an invasion of privacy. If before taking the survey you would like to know more, then visit the Astronomical Society of the Pacific's Sharing the Universe page.

Again, the deadline is Monday October 8. The survey only takes a few minutes so why not take the survey right now. Take me to the Survey.

About the Picture

The picture used to illustrate this post, titled Are the Stars Out Tonight? is a small section of a starfield that I am working on in Photoshop. The starfield will serve as a background for an as yet to be determined foreground scene.

Ad Astra, Jim

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