Astronomical Art – Nice Surprise

Google Results for Astronomical Art
Google Results for Astronomical Art

This morning I got down to work on an astronomical art presentation I'll be giving later this month. This new astronomical art presentation joins my presentation on space art which I last gave in the spring at Harper College in Palatine IL and will next give at a Chicago MENSA convention on Halloween weekend. The final presentation in what is to be a trio will cover science fiction art with a focus on the category of space travel and astronomical and planetary settings.

Heading over to Google Images, I entered the search term "astronomical art". To my surprise and delight, my digital painting Planet Riding the Stream of Stars was the number one image.

Another image of mine – Spring Thaw in Northwestern Planum Australe – showed up as number 4. This image is not a digital painting but is rather my own rendition of a Mars Global Surveyor image. This picture was used to illustrate my blog post Making Astronomical Art with Your PC which discusses a class I taught at the Adler Planetarium.

Now if I can only get the number 2 and 3 spots.

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