Bionic Cnidaria Computer Art

Bionic Cnidaria
Bionic Cnidaria

Had a tough time deciding whether or not Bionic Cnidaria belonged in the Computer Art Gallery or in the Nature Art Gallery. One the one hand it is meant to be a tribute of sorts to the phylum of cnidaria, which includes jellyfish. On the other hand it is an artifical creation of my own imagination. In the end I decided to add he/she/it to my Computer Art Gallery.

When visiting Chicago's Shedd Aquarium or Brookfield Zoo, I'm always drawn to the jellyfish and the slow rhythmic fluidity of their movement. Now I need to decide whether or not to create more cnidaria.

For more about this new piece of art and to see a wallpaper sized version, check out my Bionic Cnidaria Computer Art page.

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