Color Recording in Motion

Color Recording in Motion
Color Recordings in Motion By Jim Plaxco, 15″ x 23″

I was looking through one of my recent issues of Art in America and came across an abstract artwork by Kathryn Refi titled Color Recordings, Day 3. Seeing the picture, I instantly thought of a Photoshop noise gradient. Googling, I found another piece by Refi – Color Recordings, Day 1 which appears to be the same as the Day 3 piece.

Curious, I challenged myself to come up with something similar. Experimenting with the Photoshop gradient tool I came to the conclusion that gradients were not the way to go. I manually created a piece similar to Refi's. This piece is shown in Figure 1. The technique I used to create this gave me variations in saturation and value which I found pleasing.

Figure 1. The initial version of Color Recording in Motion
Initial Version of Color Recording in Motion

Not happy with a two dimensional look, I experimented with different methods of giving the picture depth. The “waterfall” version shown here is what I was looking for. Pleased with the composition, I felt that additional texture was needed to roughen up the image. While not visible in the small version, Figure 2 shows a small segment of the picture at full resolution.

Figure 2. Color Recording in Motion Full Resolution Extract
Color Recording in Motion Full Resolution Extract

As I am still far behind on rolling out my Artsnova art gallery, I decided to add a larger version of this piece to a gallery I created on DeviantART a couple years ago. This will actually be my first addition to my gallery there since initially populating it with two images of Mars. So if you are interested in seeing a larger version of this image, then see my DeviantART Gallery entry Color Recording in Motion.

Ad Astra, Jim

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