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Old Artsnova Blog
The Old Artsnova Blog

Yes this is the Artsnova Blog. The new look is a result of finally taking the time to modify my old WordPress theme template so that my blog is fully integrated into my web site. While my blog and web site were on the same domain, they had been created separately at different times. While I created my own design for my web site, at the time I set up this blog I just went with the default WordPress theme modified with a variety of my own tweaks over time.

The result was that my blog and web site:

  • had entirely different looks to them
  • had different page layouts
  • had different navigation systems

The bottom line was that for a visitor it was like going to two completely different web sites. This meant that visual branding suffered and that cross traffic (going from blog to web site and from web site to blog) suffered.

The new blog design now matches the Artsnova web site in that it uses the same basic page layout, design, color scheme, and uses the same navigation system. I have deliberately kept a couple of minor cosmetic differences. The purpose of these visual differences is to help visitors distinguish between those pages that are a part of the web site and those pages that are a part of the blog. The visual cues are use of a different background color for the content area (white here on the blog); a slightly different background color for the navigation sidebar (a lighter shade of blue on the blog); and the addition of the text Digital Art and Space Blog Reflections on Art, Computer Graphics, Photography, Space and Astronomy to the masthead for the blog.

I hope that you enjoy the new look and feel of the Artsnova Blog. If you encounter any problems with this new design, please let me know.

Thanks and have a Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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