From A Creative Block Comes An Artist's Creative Angst

Creative Angst
Creative Angst digital painting

So here's a picture I did earlier this year and only now added to my web site. It is a self portrait and the idea behind this digital painting is the visualization of the mood of having a creative block.

Now there are lots of articles on the web about how to deal with a creative block. Suggestions on where to look for sources of mental inspiration. Advice on how to change your frame of mind. If you cruise over to and search on creative block, the number one hit is a 672 page book Creative Block by Lou Harry "with 500 ideas to ignite your imagination."

Rather than fight my creative block, I decided to turn the tables on it by creating a visual representation of my creative block – hence Creative Angst. For complete details on this digital painting, see Creative Angst gallery page.

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