Hello world!

Well, at least that is the default name given to this post by the folks at WordPress whose blogging software I have elected to use. While this is my first self-managed blog, my first blog was The Digital Mars Blog hosted at blogger.com. While my Digital Mars Blog is devoted to discussing images of Mars and the current missions to Mars, I hope to use this blog to discuss computer graphics, space art, digital photography, and the digital art that I create for my ArtsNova web site. I may also wander into the fields of astronomy, cosmology, and space exploration – you never know.Are you ready? Then let's go.Ad Astra, Jim

Update: That was my original message posted here on Friday the 13th. Today is Thursday the 19th and this is now my third install of WordPress the first two having gone south. I can blame the first one on both my own lack of experience and my hosts slightly incorrect domain configuration. The second failure, which occurred yesterday, is a mystery to all.

This post is being done on Oct 19 2006 although I will be dating my lost posts to match their original posting dates.

Ad Astra, Jim

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