ISDC Presentation Schedule

NSS International Space Development Conference
International Space Development Conference (ISDC)

Tomorrow I leave for Dallas and the International Space Development Conference (ISDC). If you are attending the International Space Development Conference this weekend, you may be interested in attending one of my presentations.

My original schedule had me doing three presentations and serving on one panel – “Chapter Outreach Tactics: What Works, What Doesn't, What Hasn't Been Tried Yet?” Unfortunately tight scheduling forced me to withdraw from the panel as one of my other presentations was slated for the same time slot.

Following is my presentation schedule for the ISDC, all of which are on Saturday May 26:

Time Program Title
2:30-3:00 Selling Space: The Waterfall Approach to Public Outreach
5:00-5:25 The National Space Society Space Settlement Art Contest
5:25-5:45 Imaging Mars: The Process of Digitally Processing Planetary Images

The ISDC is a great space conference and has quite a lineup of speakers, including Apollo astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Rusty Schweickart, and Harrison Schmitt. This is the only space conference that I regularly attend.

Ad Astra, Jim

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