My astronomy web site Astronomical Adventures

Astronomy web site Astronomical Adventures

Finally. After years of ignoring my astronomy oriented web site Astronomical Adventures I finally spent some serious time on it performing a complete overhaul of the site. I replaced the ancient HTML tables design (created and not modified since 1999) with a CSS tableless layout conforming to the XHTML 1.0 Transitional standard.

In addition to the redesign, I added three new articles to the site. One article, The Milky Way Galaxy, is a very basic introduction to our Milky Way galaxy. I also wrote an article The Location of the Solar System in the Milky Way which illustrates and explains our location in the galaxy. The final article is a tutorial. The Drake Equation Tutorial explains the Drake Equation and its parameters. The Drake Equation is associated with the search for extraterrestrial intelligence in the galaxy. In addition to the tutorial I have for download both an OpenOffice Calc and a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet version of the Drake Equation so that people can play with the equation for themselves.

I must confess that the driver for this undertaking were the preparations I undertook for my participation in the 2006 Windycon Science Fiction Convention. I wrote about my participation in that convention in the entry Windycon Science Fiction Convention Programming Schedule.

So pay a visit to Astronomical Adventures and let me know what you think.

Ad Astra, Jim

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2 Responses to “My astronomy web site Astronomical Adventures”

  1. Dave 4 GoodArt says:
    April 6, 2007 at 10:11 am

    Like the redesign!

  2. Plaxco says:
    April 10, 2007 at 10:48 pm

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks. I credit that redesign, and the new content I added, with pushing my Alexa ranking from 2.2 million up to 1.5 million in the space of two months. I've just completed a redesign of the Digital Excursions web site, which deals with programming and web design, and hope that will improve the rank by a couple hundred K. My next target will be to redesign the space exploration web site.

    The URL for the Digital Excursions site is

    Ad Astra, Jim