New Art: Digital Rain

Digital Rain digital art painting
Digital Raindigital painting

Added some new art the other day to my Nature Art Gallery – a gallery I've ignored for far to long. Titled Digital Rain, this was simply an experiment in painting a heavy rain – so heavy as to make the sky opaque. The idea came to me while watching a rain storm last year while at Bryce Canyon National Park. From my mountain side viewpoint, a heavy rain in the distance connected the sky to earth and was sufficiently heavy so as to obscure the landscape beyond.

It's a hazy boundary between being clever and the opposite. We frequently see people creating something that forces us to ask ourselves what on Earth were they thinking when they did that? Now I'm not sure if I'm crossing that boundary here but the thought struck me to write a limerick about my painting to accompany this post – the goal being to make this post a little more entertaining. So for better or worse here goes.

My digital painting of rain
won't pose a challenge to your brain
As fine art it's not much
But it does give a touch
To the scope of nature's domain

For details about the painting, visit the Digital Rain web page.

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