New Space Art – Moon: Assembly Required

Moon: Assembly Required Art Print
Moon: Assembly Required, 16 x 16 inch print

Yesterday I added a new space art print to my web site. Moon: Assembly Required is an impression of the birth of our Moon. Today, the accepted theory is that our Moon was formed as the result of a collision between the Earth and another protoplanetary body that was approximately the size of Mars. This collision destroyed both that unknown body and the original Earth. It was from the debris of this collision that the Earth reformed and the Moon was born.

As to this particular digital art creation, this is a departure in style for me. Looking over my prior space art, both that which I've published so far to my Artsnova Space Art Gallery and that which I have yet to add (which far exceeds that which I've actually added) Moon Assembly Required is distinctive. It is not meant to be a rendering of what that formation may have looked like but is instead a symbolic interpretation. Coloring, brush stroke, and texture are also departures in style.

Looking over other space art that I've done in the past, they all differ in style to one degree or another. I blame this on the fact that I am a digital artist. By its very nature, the digital medium encourages experimentation. It's not just the variety of tools available but the flexibility with which those tools can be used to apply line, color, and texture to the digital canvas. Of course the downside of digital art is that software is ever changing – meaning the digital artist is going to be spending a fair amount of time reading manuals and relearning how to use their digital art tools.

Visit the Moon: Assembly Required Space Art Gallery Page for more information about this print.

Ad Astra, Jim

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