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Picasso Head Painting
My Picasso Head

I recently stumbled across an interesting web site that lets the visitor paint heads in the style of Pablo Picasso. It's a fun diversion and includes a gallery of the Picassos created by other visitors to the site. The illustration above gives you an idea of the capabilities of the painting tool. You have a selection of facial features at your disposal and several tools that are used to manipulate those features. In the above illustration you can see the variety of noses that you can choose from. While I only selected one nose for my Picasso, there is nothing to prevent you from giving your portrait two, three, or more noses.

Note that the tool does not provide any drawing capability. Rather you choose from a set of predefined facial features and then use the suite of tools provided to position, color, resize, and distort those features. Once you have completed your digital masterpiece, you have the option of saving it to the gallery. I wound up not saving my own masterpiece as I did not feel like providing my email address. But many folks have added their paintings to the gallery so be sure to check it out so you can see what sorts of Picassos others have created.

The Picasso Head Web Site

Happy Painting, Jim

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