Quantum Moon Space Art

Quantum Moon Space Art Print
Quantum Moon by Jim Plaxco, 26 by 18 inches

I've added yet another work of lunar art to my Moon Art Gallery. This time it is a piece titled Quantum Moon. With this particular piece I wasn't so much interested in the Moon as in working on a new method of digitally painting the image.

The method I used to create Quantum Moon bears some similarity to pointillism but is different in some crucial ways. First the dots overlap – much more so than in pointillist paintings. Second, in traditional pointillism the artist is to avoid mixing colors. Rather, primary colors are applied as dots in such a way as to work with the human eye with the eye doing the color mixing in a process known as optical mixing. I did not follow this method. My primary interest was in the texture that resulted from the application of overlapping circles of color.

The texture that resulted from this overlapping method is not visible in smaller images. However if you go to the Quantum Moon gallery page you will see a link for the “Mare Crisium section of Quantum Moon” which takes you to a full size view of that portion of the painting.

I have only just begun selling open edition prints through Fine Art America and have only made four pieces available to date. All four are astronomical art pieces and all four feature a Moon. I wonder if there is any cosmic significance in that?

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