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Artist Mark Rothko and selected art works
Artist Mark Rothko and selected art works

It has been a busy week for me on the art front. The week began with my installation of nine of my art works at the Buehler YMCA in Palatine IL. Buehler YMCA is the second largest YMCA in Illinois with some 17,000 members. My art will be on display there through the end of the year. Art Exhibit at Buehler YMCA.

I delivered three of my space art works to the Paper Crown Gallery in Arlington Heights, IL. This soon to open gallery has a large exhibit space with a business plan that is not typical of other art galleries. Given the timing of the gallery's opening – in the face of the threat of a double-dip recession – their novel business plan may be a recipe for success.

I attended the lecture Seeing Red: The Art and Life of Mark Rothko presented by art historian Jeff Mishur. The lecture title fragment "Red" is from the title of the Tony Award-winning play Red currently showing at the Goodman Theater. With respect to the lecture, while it provided biographical background on Rothko, the emphasis was on the development of Rothko's signature painting style. So yes I spent the evening looking at lots of paintings of colored rectangles (see the image illustrating this post above). Frankly Rothko's style has never appealed to my sense of aesthetics. The play Red at the Goodman Theater.

I also added a tutorial on using recursion to create algorithmic art to my web site. I used the Processing platform for the tutorial and provide the source code. This tutorial is an expanded version of a tutorial I wrote earlier this year which was published in CMD Journal. Tutorial: Recursion and Algorithmic Art Using Processing

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