The Me Sphere

The Me Sphere Created with Photoshop and Mojoworld
The Me Sphere Rendered Using Pandromeda Mojoworld

Last time I wrote about my first submission to The Sphere Project at My submission was titled Puzzle Sphere. I have since yanked that submission and replaced it with a new one more to my liking.

Titled The Me Sphere, this new submission uses as the sphere's material a portrait of myself processed using Adobe Photoshop, a transparency map created in Photoshop, and finally rendered using Pandromeda's Mojoworld.

The two most interesting aspects of this project were creating the texture and working with the scene lighting. For the texture I took a photograph of myself that I had handy on my hard drive and began to experiment using Photoshop. I went through several iterations to achieve the affect I desired. Next was working with the lighting in Mojoworld. In my original Puzzle Sphere submission, I used the Mojoworld Sun as the lighting source. For this submission I substituted a special effects light with a gel applied to get the multicolored lighting.

I must confess that I find The Me Sphere much more appealing than the Puzzle Sphere – I hope you do to. So go check out The Me Sphere – before I pull it and replace it with something else.

Ad Astra, Jim

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