Web Art Gallery

Welcome to the Web Art Gallery. For the Web Art Gallery I've selected 10 miniature works of digital art that were created to serve as artwork to accompany my blog posts. These small scale executions also served an educational role in that they provided me with an opportunity to experiment with different digital painting techniques as well as the manipulation of digital photographs. In a few instances I was sufficiently pleased with the outcome that I took the time to create full size print versions.

So in no particular order, here are 10 illustrations I created along with a brief description of each.

Binary Mona Lisa
A Binary Mona Lisa

Binary Mona Lisa is a digitally manipulated rendition of that most famous of paintings, the Mona Lisa, also known as La Gioconda, painted by Leonardo da Vinci slightly more than 500 years ago. I created this piece using Adobe Photoshop. Techniques used included multiple layers, various layer blends, and multiple filters.

Puzzle Sphere Submitted to The Sphere Project
The Puzzle Sphere

The Puzzle Sphere was created as a submission to The Sphere Project. The idea I had was to create a spherical version of a puzzle box or Rubik's cube. I used Adobe Photoshop to create the height map and texture for the sphere and Pandromeda Mojoworld to execute the render.

Are the Stars Out Tonight
Are the Stars Out Tonight?

Are the Stars Out Tonight? is a small section of a starfield that I was working on in Photoshop done primarily to explore an alternative technique for creating starfield backgrounds for my astronomical art.

Processing Rectangles Experiment
Processing Rectangles Experiment

I created the graphic Processing Rectangles Experiment using a simple Processing program I wrote. The program has just 11 lines of code. My goal was to create a mildly complex geometric abstract using a very simple program.

Color Recording in Motion
Color Recording in Motion

This piece was inspired by an abstract artwork by Kathryn Refi titled Color Recordings, Day 3. That picture made me think of the Photoshop noise gradient. I decided to experiment with creating a similar image using Photoshop. However, I wanted to add depth in the form of a third dimension to my piece. Experimenting with the Photoshop gradient tool I came to the conclusion that gradients were not the way to go. The "waterfall" version shown here is what I ultimately created.

Red rose
A red rose from Arizona

A red rose from Arizona was created using a digitally manipulated photograph of a rose. The original photograph was taken while on a trip to Arizona in 2007. I used Photoshop to extract the rose from the background and then applied a few filters on separate layers with different blending options to create the final image.

Algorithmic Waterfall
Algorithmic Waterfall

Algorithmic Waterfall was a piece I created while learning Processing. I subsequently created a large scale version but have not moved it into production as I hope to find time to produce alternative versions, building upon what I've learned.

The Me Sphere Created with Photoshop and Mojoworld
The Me Sphere

The Me Sphere was a fun piece created for The Sphere Project. For the sphere's material I used a digital photograph I took of myself which I then manipulated using Adobe Photoshop. I also used Photoshop to create a transparency map. These images were then mapped to a sphere and rendered in 3D using Pandromeda Mojoworld. To light the scene, I used a special effects light with a gel applied to create the multicolored lighting.

Context Free Art
Context Free Art Example

Context Free Art Example (not a very imaginative title) was a quick creation used to illustrate a post about the free graphics software Context Free. This image was created from a small CFDG program I wrote and published along with the image. I have since abandoned Context Free Art - although I do recommend it to people interested in developing algorithmic art.

Hubble Space Telescope Picture of Mars
Hubble Space Telescope Picture of Mars

I created this image of Mars using data from Hubble Space Telescope observations of that planet. I created this image for inclusion in a presentation of mine titled Imaging Mars in which I explain how to work with astronomical and planetary imaging data (they use different formats, etc.) This is a presentation that I had been giving to astronomy clubs, libraries, etc. For more information, see Mars Imaging Presentation for Pixel Camera Club