Live Art Interactive Presentation

Live Art Presentation
Title slide from the Live Art presentation

Live Art is a presentation that combines art created in real time through audience participation with a presentation about the mechanics of how it is done. This program begins with an overview of creative coding and the concepts and tools used to create the Live Art computer graphics programs. For this presentation, the Processing programming language was used. The presentation is followed by a live demonstration during which the audience creates art in real time via their vocalizations in conjunction with various black box manipulations performed by a volunteer from the audience. The artworks created by the members of the audience can be made available to them, as well as the host, as jpeg files.

For more information about the use of sound to create art, see the article Painting with Sound and Glitch Art. For examples of art created during one presentation, see A Gallery of Live Art Created at the Capricon Science Fiction Convention.

The length of this presentation is between 40 and 60 minutes. The program's length and the balance between formal lecture and audience participation can be adjusted to better suit the needs of the host. The program is available as both a live in-person presentation and as a virtual presentation.

For scheduling and related questions, please use the Artsnova Contact Form to contact me.