Instagram and Pinterest for Artists and Photographers

>Instagram and Pinterest for Artists and Photographers

(This class has been retired.)

There are many social media platforms to choose from today. For an artist and/or photographer wanting to market their work, two platforms that emphasize imagery are Instagram and Pinterest. While these two social networking sites both have images as the heart of their content, the audience, usage, and structure of these two platforms are very different. My presentation Instagram and Pinterest for Artists and Photographers is meant to help artists and photographers understand these platforms.

This presentation will provide information on how artists and photographers can best utilize these two immensely popular social media platforms. My emphasis is on providing actionable information that audience members can immediately take advantage of.

Topics covered with respect to Instagram include:

  • The Instagram App
  • Image Preparation
  • Hashtags and Image Tagging
  • Obtaining Followers
  • Social Sharing
  • Related Instagram Apps and Applications

Topics covered with respect to Pinterest include:

  • The Pinterest Environment
  • Your Personal Pinterest Account
  • Pinterest for Business
  • Pins and Boards
  • Planning and Creating Your Boards
  • Hashtags and Image Tagging
  • Social Sharing
  • Pinterest on your Web Site

The length of this presentation is approximately one hour but can be adjusted upward to incorporate hands-on experience for attendees.