Astronomical Art and Space Art Links

Even as a child I was attracted to both space art and astronomical art. Astronomical art represented the unknown and unexplored. Space art represented humankind's quest to expand our understanding of the universe and our presence in it. Following is a list of some space and astronomical art web sites that I have found useful in the past.

Chesley Bonestell Archives
The Chesley Bonestell Archives is maintained by Melvin Schuetz and contains historical information about Chesley Bonestell, the dean of space art.

Bonestell Space Art
The Bonestell Space Art site is another site devoted to the space art of Chesley Bonestell.

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Art Collection
A gallery of space art work in possession of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.

Aviation and Space Art in the 20th Century
The U. S. Centennial of Flight Commission Aviation and Space Art in the 20th Century site with essay and images of both aviation and space art.

NASA Space Colony Art from the 1970s
A great collection of art depicting space colonies.

NASA Art Program Copernica Space Art Database
Copernica Space Art Database indexes by artist space art that has been commissioned by NASA.

Solar Voyager
Devoted to astronomical art with a large collection of astronomical art posted by entry-level astronomical artists. This site is oriented towards digital artists looking to improve their space and astronomical art.

The science of Astronomy, embracing, as it does, all the phenomena of the celestial orbs, has furnished in all ages the grandest problems for the exercise of human genius.

From Popular Astronomy by B.O.M. Mitchel, Director of the Cincinnati and Dudley Observatories.