New Landscape, Portrait, Space, and Visions Art Added As Part Of Web Site Redesign

March 1, 2013

As a part of the redesign of the Artsnova web site, a large body of both previously unreleased art as well as art that was not previously available on the web has been added to the Artsnova Digital Art Gallery. The 117 works of art added to the web site span the years 2002 to 2012. This represents a significant addition to the 70 works previously available on the site.

Note that the redesign removed from the site all works of photography. That photography will be available in the future on an alternate web site.

The following seven works of art have been added to the Landscape Art Gallery:

A total of 48 artworks have been added to the Portrait Art Gallery. They are:

The 12 artworks added to the Space Art Gallery are:

The 51 works of art added to the Visions Art Gallery are:

In addition to the new art, a key part of the redesign was to support larger gallery images for the art. The gallery images for the 70 works of art already on the web site have been updated to reflect this new standard.