Digital Artist Jim Plaxco and Space Art Featured at Regional Mensa Gathering

October 28, 2009

Schaumburg digital artist Jim Plaxco will be appearing Friday October 30 at the Chicago regional Mensa gathering known as HalloweeM. This four day conference/gathering is being held at the Sheraton Chicago Northwest in Arlington Heights and features a number of speakers on a variety of topics. Mr. Plaxco, who was featured last year and spoke on Algorithmic Art: Where Art Meets Math, returns this year to speak on Art And The Exploration of Space. "This lecture is all about how art has been used to capture the excitement of space exploration. Space art has been especially valuable in helping us to visualize what it might be like to explore other worlds."

"Aside from being an artist, I am also a Solar System Ambassador for the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory which manages the many robotic missions that are exploring our solar system. I am also the founder of and a speaker for the Chicago Society for Space Studies Speakers Bureau. I have three great intellectual loves: art, computers, and space. "

The presentation Art And The Exploration of Space provides a brief history of space art as well as an examination of the various ways art has been used to portray historical moments in space exploration.

To attend the presentation requires a HalloweeM registration. For further details see HalloweeM 34: Chicago-area Mensa legendary gathering.

For further information and/or interviews, contact Jim Plaxco.