Digital Art Discussed at Science Fiction Convention

November 17, 2008

Last weekend at the Windycon Science Fiction Convention, digital artist Jim Plaxco participated in a panel on digital art with noted science fiction artist and convention Artist Guest of Honor David Mattingly. The panel, Digital Art: Artist Meets Technology, covered both the evolution of digital art and the artist's experiences with the medium.

"The panel consisted of David and myself so I spent most of the time asking David questions about his experiences with the digital medium. I was particularly interested in his insights on what it was like for a traditional artist to make the transition to the digital medium. I particularly liked that he simultaneously identified the digital undo button as being both the artist’s greatest friend and worst enemy."

In addition, Mr. Plaxco also presented an extended version of his Selling Space With Space Art presentation originally delivered at the 2009 International Space Development Conference in Washington D.C.

Mr. Mattingly and Mr. Plaxco both had a number of art works on display and for sell in the Windycon art show. In it's 35th year, the Windycon Science Fiction Convention is the largest such convention held in the greater Chicagoland area. This year's convention was held at the Westin Lombard - Yorktown Center in Lombard, IL. and ran from Thursday Nov 13 through Sunday Nov. 16.

For further information and/or interviews, contact Jim Plaxco.