Processing Oscillating Ellipses Animated Painting

Note: the Java canvas used here is of fixed size so does not scale based on device type/form factor.

Unfortunately it appears that your browser does not support the canvas tag.

This sketch is my first attempt at using Processing 2 in conjunction with Processing.js.

For this particular sketch I created a table of x,y coordinates and a table of colors. To build the color table I used as a reference photo a photograph I took of two artists painting a mural. My program cycles through these tables to create a display of oscillating ellipses.

The sketch is also interactive. As you move your mouse pointer over the sketch you will note that the location of your mouse acts somewhat like a flashlight - illuminating the areas in the vicinity of your mouse pointer. And if the flashing ellipses are too much for you, you can freeze the image with a simple click of your mouse inside the picture area. Click again to restart the animation.


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