Starry Starry Night Starfield
Starry Starry Night Starfield, 36 by 24 inches unframed

Starry Starry Night Starfield

Starry Starry Night Starfield is an work of space art or astronomical art that is simply a field of stars with faint, dark dust cloud variations. One thing I like about this art is that there is no this end up orientation. The art works equally well whether in landscape orientation or portrait orientation.

In one sense, this artwork has no subject. Typically with astronomical art, a planet or a moon may be the subject that one is expected to focus their attention on - with the starfield serving as a backdrop. For this piece I thought why not make the individual stars, particularly the larger stars and the pattern they make, the subject.

Title:Starry Starry Night Starfield
Image Size:36 inches wide by 24 inches high
Media/Papers:Fine Art Paper, Canvas, Metal

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