Jim Plaxco's Photography Gallery on Twenty20.com

My Twenty20 Digital Art Gallery

In February 2014 I created an account on Twenty20.com, formerly Instacanvas. This online gallery was originally created as a means for photographers to sell photographs that had been taken with mobile devices and shared via Instagram. However, since both Instagram and Twenty20 then began accepting digital uploads, what could be shown, printed, and sold was no longer limited to mobile photography. The art that I sold on Twenty20.com was art (and photography) that was not exhibited on my own site.

I spent some time formatting and uploading both art and photography to the Twenty20.com platform. This was due to their restriction that all art and photography adhere to a 1:1 aspect ratio (square images). I did have some success on the platform but I never really did promote my presence on Twenty20. And then...

At the end of July 2022 Twenty20.com, like so many other online art and photograhy selling platforms from which I had sold my art and photograhy, went out of business. The worst part is that they never bothered to notify me that they were shutting down - nor did I receive royalty payments that were due me on the account at the time. This is always the threat that artists and photographers face when selling their creative output on third party platforms.

At one point I removed most of my artwork from Twenty20.com due to their decision to make all work available for purchase via digital downloads. While I was happy receiving a small royalty for printed products, I was unwilling to accept the royalty rate for digital downloads.

The following graphic shows some of the art and photograhy that I had listed on the Twenty20 site.

A selection of Jim Plaxco's Art and Photography formerly on the now defunct Twenty20.com
A selection of Jim Plaxco's Art and Photography formerly availabe on the now defunct Twenty20.com