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In 2014 I began using Instagram to share my artwork and photography. While not every image I post to Instagram is available for purchase, most are. I must point out that most of the art and photography that I post to Instagram has been cropped to satisfy Instagram's square image (1:1 aspect ratio) requirements. I rarely create art using a 1:1 aspect ratio.

I must also point out that the art and photography that I market on Instagram is not the product of either my mobile phone or mobile image processing apps. Photographs were taken using my Nikon DSLR and artwork was created using a variety of desktop software, including software of my own creation.

There are several outlets from which prints of the art and photography I've shared on Instagram can be purchased. They are:

The intent of making my artwork available as prints with more than one art print company is to make it easier for those collectors who have a preference for doing business with one company vs another. Please note that the prices for prints do vary from one service to the next due to each service's cost and pricing structure.

Prints from Artflakes.com

One source of prints where my art and photography is available in its original, uncropped form is Artflakes.com. You can either visit my Artflakes.com gallery or for more information you can visit my Artflakes.com information page

Prints and Originals from Saatchi

In addition to the open edition prints that are available at Saatchi, there are some original limited edition prints available as well. To see my art that is for sale at Saatchi, visit my Saatchi Portfolio.

Prints from Imagekind

Imagekind is a very recent addition to the art sites I do business with. Visit my Imagekind Gallery to see what works are available there.

Prints from Twenty20.com

Note: I have pulled most of my work from Twenty20 as a consequence of their decision to make all works available as digital downloads. As an Instagram-driven prints site, Twenty20.com adheres to the same square image (1:1 aspect ratio) requirements. Therefore, the artwork or photography that you see on Instagram is available exactly as shown from Twenty20.com. You can visit my Twenty20 Gallery now or read my Twenty20 information page.

Contact Me If...

If you have any questions for me or if you are interested in the availability of limited edition original prints, please contact me:

or use the Artsnova Contact Form to send your inquiry.

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