Gallery of sample artworks available for licensing

Art Licensing Information

Most of the art exhibited in the Artsnova Digital Art Gallery is available for commercial licensing. Licensing examples include use of artwork for book covers, music covers, illustration, textile patterns, tee shirts designs, and commercial advertising. In addition to the art on exhibit here, I have a wide variety of imagery available offline and on several print-on-demand services in several thematic areas. These areas include:

Digital Art Categories
  • Abstracts
  • Algorithmic art
  • Astronomical art and illustration
  • Botanic art
  • Geometric art
  • Glitch art
  • Lunar/Moon artwork
  • Planetary art
  • Portrait art
  • Video manipulation
Photography Categories
  • Architectural
  • Landscapes
  • ICM (Intentional Camera Movement)
  • Abstract
  • Earth Observation
  • Martian Orbital and Surface
  • Nature
  • Wildlife

Licensing terms for the artworks are flexible and depend on the intended use of the art, the scope of the rights necessary for that use, and whether those terms conflict with any pre-existing licensing agreements. In addition to licensing art, I am also available for the creation of commissioned work. For more information about art commissions, see Art Commissions.

For additional details about licensing specific works of art and/or to discuss terms, please contact Jim Plaxco by phone  847  923  7122 or

or use the Artsnova Contact Form to send your inquiry.