An Automatic Poem Generator

A long time ago (in fact it was in the last century) I wrote a Java program to create an online Lullian poem generator for a web site I had at the time. I wrote about that poem generator in The Art of Lullian Poetry. My inspiration was the description of a Lullian computer poetry generator in the book The Loom of God: Tapestries of Mathematics and Mysticism by Clifford A. Pickover.

Recently when feeling particularly challenged about coming up with a title for a work of generative art I had just created, I dusted off the word files I had used for that poem generating program, added a bunch of new words and wrote up an automatic art title generator in Python.

Recalling the fun I had reading some of the crazy poems my old poem generator created, I decided to recode it using Python and make it available here. To give you a taste of some of the poetry produced by the program, here are some sample poems that were created during program testing.


The Parallel Processor

The parallel processor sparkles deep within the quivering wizard

Stubbornly the processor peaks

The wizard drawing deep within a speeding infobahn

The Quantum Oil Painting

The quantum oil painting is composing while dreaming the artifical abstractionist.

Blindly the oil painting dies.

The abstractionist denies while exploring a radiating algorist.

The Amorphous Artistic Programmer

The amorphous artistic programmer peaks in harmony with the viscous reality.

Cheerfully the artistic programmer conceptualizes.

The reality dematerializes while exploring a variegated Picasso.

The Abstract Model

The abstract model infects in harmony with the clueless canvas.

Programmatically the model imagines.

The canvas is composing in competition with a virtuoso postmodernist.


Click the button Generate A Poem (below) to launch the poem generation program. But be forwarned: the bulk of the poetry generated will be absolute nonsense.