Processing.js and Animated Ellipses on Artsnova

Processing Oscillating Ellipses Painting
Screen shot: Processing Oscillating Ellipses Painting

I've just started using Processing.js along with Processing 2 as a consequence of enrolling in the Coursera class Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps One of the components of the course is using Processing in javascript mode in order to create sketches that can be run in web browsers. Because of this, I've decided to add the Processing.js sketches I create to my Artsnova web site.

In a previous blog post – A Simple Android Processing Painting Sketch – I wrote about the difficulties I encountered in getting the Processing 2 Android development environment up and running on my computer. In writing about the bug that prevented the Add Mode tool from working correctly on the Windows version of Processing, I went on to explain how I was able to manually install the Processing Android library. That same bug also prevented the Add Mode tool from adding the Processing.js javascript library. While I didn't mention it in that post (since my overriding concern was getting Processing's Android development capability up and running) I also added the Javascript mode by downloading the Processing.js library from here:

and following the steps as I had done with the Android library to complete the process.

The first sketch I've done is Processing Oscillating Ellipses Animated Painting – which is quite a mouth full but does accurately describe what the sketch is all about. The program itself is rather straight forward and incorporates animation and interactivity. The picture I've used to illustrate this post is a screen capture from the program in action. The sketch has been tested and verified to work in the Windows versions of both Firefox 21 and Internet Explorer 9.

Right now I have no idea where this is going to lead. While my use here of Processing.js will be for purely aesthetic and artistic purposes, I see more significant value in Processing.js' ability to create interactive data visualizations. As we enter the age of "big data" and as our need to interpret information becomes increasingly important, the capacity of tools like Processing.js to allow us to visually explore that data is far more important to society than its artistic and gaming capabilities.

Show me the sketch: Processing Oscillating Ellipses Animated Painting sketch

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