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Birch Forest Refracted generative painting
Birch Forest Refracted is an artwork created using a generative painting program I wrote and is an example of what can be done using creative coding.

Creative coding represents an area of computer programming in which the objective of the program being written is to create an output that is artistic in nature. This output could be in the form of an image or artwork, a song, a video, a poem, or something else that is deemed to be creative in nature. Having received my Master of Science degree in Computer Science and having spent the bulk of my life as a software engineer, I have long been interested in the use of computer programs to create visual art. My first experiments in this field were actually in university where I was able to convince my graduate advisor to let me take a new course in computer art that was being offered by the Art Department to students pursuing their MFA. It was a different world then with creative coding being in its infancy.

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