Print Care for Giclée Prints

If you have decided to "invest" in the purchase of giclée prints, it is important that you protect your art investment by taking proper care of the prints you have purchased. The key issue in maximizing your print's longevity is the preservation of the richness and accuracy of your print's colors. There are a number of actions that you should take in order to maximize the lifespan of your print's colors.

The actions are as follows:

  • Handling:
    Do not touch the printed surface with your hands/fingers. Avoid scuffing the print surface. Never fold the print. Do not allow the print to get wet. In short, do not let foreign materials come in contact with the printed surface or paper.
  • Matting:
    Prior to framing, be sure to have your print matted. Either use the mat that comes with the print or replace it with a mat more to your own tastes. Be sure to only use mats that are classified as archival quality. Matting is important for framed pieces as it prevents the glass from coming into direct contact with the inks on the surface of the paper/substrate.
  • Framing:
    Your print should be framed behind glass. Glass that has UV protection provides an added benefit.
  • Sunlight:
    Keep all artwork out of direct sunlight. The UV radiation from the Sun will, over time, cause the colors to fade.

Adhere to these guidelines and you will have a print that will retain both its quality and value over the years.