Buying Art

Buying Art

Unless otherwise indicated, all the original prints shown in the various art galleries should be available for purchase. All of the prints are original signed limited edition giclee prints that are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. The purpose of the Certificate of Authenticity is to provide supporting documentation as to the authenticity of the print you have purchased.

Online Art Purchases of Limited Edition Original Prints

I do not make use of a shopping cart system to expedite purchases of my limited edition prints. While I do use PayPal for order fulfillment, I prefer to deal personally with each potential buyer in advance to insure that they fully understand the nature of their purchase and its shipping.

How to Purchase Original Limited Edition Prints

To determine the availability of a particular original limited edition print and to initiate the purchase process, click on the Send Email for Purchase Inquiry link that appears below a print's description. Clicking this link will cause your email software to open. Note that in order for the link to function, your browser must have Javascript enabled. I have chosen to use the email method in order to provide the best possible personalized service for my clients.

Buying Open Edition Prints

In addition to the original limited edition prints that I personally produce and sign, I also make a number of works of art available via third party art sites. These are what are known as open edition prints. They are identified as "open edition" because there is no limit on the number of prints created. As such they are not signed and numbered, as is the case with original limited edition prints. To learn more about open edition prints, see my article on Open Edition Prints.

Note that the artwork that appears in the galleries here is typically not available on the third party art sites I do business with. That means that you will see artwork on those sites that is not exhibited here. In addition, you will see some of my photographic work. You can purchase open edition prints of my art and/or photography from the following art sites:

Almost all of the artwork and photography that you will see on one of the aforementioned sites can also be seen on my Instagram account. For more information, see Purchasing Prints Of My Art And Photography Seen On Instagram

Rights to Purchased Art

When you purchase a print, you are acquiring ownership of that individual physical copy of the art work. All rights to the art itself are retained by the artist. No reproduction rights to the art are granted. If you are interested in either reproducing or licensing the art work, please contact me.

Commissioning and Licensing Art

Commissioning Art

In addition to the art prints offered here, clients, private and commercial, have the opportunity to have artwork commissioned to suit their needs. For additional information on commissioning art please see Art Commissions.

Licensing Art

If you are a commercial concern interested in utilizing my digital art for product lines, illustrations, cover art, etc., please see Licensing Art.

General Information About Digital Art Prints

Limited Edition Prints

When a print is described as being limited edition, that means that a specific number of prints of that type have been produced and each print is numbered so that it is uniquely identified within that family of prints. In one sense, this numbering makes each limited edition print unique and all such prints should be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Open Edition Prints

For general information about open edition prints, see Open Edition Prints.

Caring for Fine Art Prints

It is important that you protect your art investment by taking proper care of the art you purchase. For tips on proper print care, see Print Care for Giclée Prints.

Additional information about print quality and the types of prints offered is available on the Information About My Digital Fine Art Prints.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.