Information About My Digital Fine Art Prints

Print Production

All limited edition prints available from the Artsnova web site are giclee prints. The giclee is the highest quality digital print available. The art is printed on acid-free archival grade fine art paper using the best available inks. In addition, each limited edition print receives a protective coating to further protect the print surface.

When matting is requested, the prints are mounted using archival quality acid-free mats and archival quality linen tape. Everything possible is done to insure that all limited edition prints are of the best possible quality so as to maximize the print's longevity and value.

Print Editions

My digital art is available in different print formats. The following list identifies the types of prints available.

Signed Limited Edition Giclee Print
Signed Limited Edition Giclee Prints are prints that I personally oversee the production of, are limited in the number produced, and are individually hand signed and numbered by me. The number of prints in the edition is hand written on the front of the print along with that print's number in the edition. Each print is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Signed Artist Proof
The "A/P" on the front of a print indicates that this is an “Artist’s Proof.” As such it is not part of a numbered series. An artist proof is a print I make for ascertaining the quality of the printed image. For my artwork, there will be only one artist proof available as those proofs I am unhappy with are destroyed. Artist proofs are signed and marked as A/P. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies the print. Note that artist proofs are not available on the web site.

Open Edition Giclee Print
Open Edition Giclee Prints are prints that are not limited in number and are not signed. As a rule my artwork is not available as open edition prints and is so noted when available. See Open Edition Prints for more information.